Money meets Media

Fintech Levers develops solutions between Fintech and Media. Cash, crypto or digital payment solutions for serving alternative financial needs via kiosks and Apps.


Our Services


Cash-2-Cloud™. Crypto-2-Cash™. Cash-2-Digital payment systems via Smart kiosks and Apps. The Gateways to commerce.


Content is King.  We built a family of content providers including publishers and producers in advertising, short format, feature length and mixed media.

Intellectual Property

The Tools. We acquire patents and I.P. needed to build the future Virtual Reality content. AR/VR/MR

One Solution

Our B2C Customers are served with essential financial solutions from sending money, paying bills, cashing checks or micro loans. Put cash into our Smart Kiosk and point to destinations of choice. Easy, simple, low cost.

Blockchain Tech

In addition to traditional ACH rails, we serve the expanding new economy.  As digital platforms develop with new payment technologies, we bridge cash into that future. Full spectrum fintech capabilities building a loyal relationship with our Customers. 

The Vertical Strategy

Our Customers have cash in hand. We help point them to services, products and media that fits their Opt-in profiles.

We bridge Money-2-Media. 


About Fintech Levers

Strategic Fintech Consultants Since 2014

Fintech Levers has partnered with strategic alliances to build a new solution based asset class of I.P., fintech services and content libraries.

Zusho Investments

Lasky & Associates

Beyond Publishing


“In the late 1990's, the world saw Entertainment marry up with the Internet. In the post-2020-world, we begin to see how Money meets Media. Fintech Levers and Digital Reality Labs are bringing seamless integration services.”



Below we’ve provided some info on how we work, blockchain and ACH technology, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies as accessible platforms through our Apps and Smart-Kiosk Gateways to the world of media content.

Money and Media

Fintech. Content.  We bridge the world.

Core Value Propositions

We build financial gateways to the world of future media technologies. 

Vertical Integration

Fintech meets Virtual Realities.  We offer cash-2-digital solutions, almost like putting a bill acceptor in your smart phone. Low cost financial service solutions and the world of new media. 



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